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Installation of the SOG net in cannabis cultivation

Installation of the SOG net in cannabis cultivation


The SOG (Sea of Green) growing method is one of the most widely use and versatile methods of growing cannabis. The SOG net is design to improve crop production by maximizing the surface area of the growing bed. This is achieve by placing a large number of cuttings and/or seeds relatively close together from the start.

At the moment of starting the installation, first of all, the main objectives of using the SOG system must be clear. These can range from planting for the purpose of obtaining a production in quantity and quality. To the implementation of a crop for medical purposes.  Based on the defined objectives, the next step in the installation of the SOG system is to determine the total area for cultivation. This is remarkably important since from the surface area it will be possible to define the amount of cuttings or seeds to place to achieve the best results. This quantity is not unique; it depends on the size and characteristics of the plant that you want to obtain at the end of the crop. Once the total area for the crop have be determine, and depending on the type of plant chosen.

A planting density for SOG net should be estimate between 3-6 plants per square meter.

This means that it will be possible to place between 25-50 plants per square meter of cultivation depending on the size of the seedbed. Depending on the design of the greenhouse, and depending on the terrain on which it is built. The planting beds will have to be delimit in order to define the space for planting the seeds. These lines should be made according to the estimate planting density and with the objective of maintaining the proper separation in the future.  Once the beds have be define, the basins should be earth. This is done in order to improve moisture and nutrient management according to soil depth. This usually implies a pyramidal design, more appropriate for the location of the irrigators.

The irrigators or furrows will be responsible for the best irrigation management for the crop. This involves strategically locating the furrows in such a way that irrigation is apply fairly and equitably on the inner edges of the bed. To do this, furrows should be place at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to achieve proper nutrient management within the basin. After this, we move on to the planting strategy. SOG planting requires the implementation of a mixed planting based on seeds and cuttings. This means that both seeds and cuttings can be plant at the same time. This is recommend because by placing cuttings in the outer edges of the greenhouse. The initial production level can be improve quickly at the same time.

Cannabis crop on greenhouse
SOG planting requires a mixed planting of seeds and cuttings. Which means that both seeds and cuttings can be planted at the same time.

Once the beds are bedded, the furrows are ready, and the plants are plant, the nutrition phase will proceed

During this phase, the application of a nutrient source appropriate for the soil of the crop is recommend. This is to ensure that the plants have the necessary requirements for healthy growth.

After the plants are well nourish, the first stages of the crop will be complete. The next steps will be the cultural management, through which the grow. Flowering and harvesting of the target cannabis variety will be control. Standardized cultivation techniques and environmental control methods are recommend.

A good management of the crop will be the key to achieve the best results and to obtain the highest production in quantity and quality. This will complete the SOG net installation process. But the other steps to follow to keep the system optimal should be a constant in the greenhouse.

The SOG net is one of the most used systems in the cannabis industry. With which it is possible to maximize the production of crops in an optimal way. The installation of this growing technique involves a specific process. Which must be follow step by step to achieve the best final result.

horizontally trellising on cannabis cultivation
The SOG net is one of the most widely used nets in the cannabis plantation industry.

Tools needed when installing SOG net

SOG net is an essential tool for any cannabis grower. This mesh is use to provide an ideal growing environment for cannabis plants and is relatively easy to install. However, before putting it in place, there are several essential tools that you will need to have. These tools include:

Nails: these tools are essential for attaching the SOG net to the support structure. You will want to use special nails to ensure that they are secure. The nails should be long enough to drive through the SOG net, the support frame and also the substrate.

A saw: Make sure you have a saw handy. As you will need to cut the SOG net to fit your garden. This is because SOG net is usually sold in a standard size. The saw will also be useful for cutting some sharp edges to soften the SOG net.

A screwdriver: This tool is useful for setting nails. You can also give the SOG net a little bend to make sure it doesn’t get out of line.

A ruler: Having a ruler handy to measure the dimensions of the SOG prior to installation will help ensure a perfect fit. The ruler can also be use to make sure that the nails are drive in properly. And that the SOG is straight and completely level.

Pliers: This is a basic tool you may need to pinch the sharp edges of the SOG net. Or to bend the sides of the mesh to get the desired effect.

A rope: If you have a support frame. A rope can be useful for tying the SOG net to the support frame. This will help keep the screen level and straight.

A ladder: If you are installing the mesh in a high space, a ladder will help you reach difficult places. This will save you time and effort.

In addition to these tools, you should also have the following materials within reach:

A support frame: If your garden has a support structure. If not, it is advisable to make one before starting the SOG installation.

Flexible aluminum wire: This material is use to secure the edges of the SOG to prevent them from loosening or being torn off by the wind. In addition, aluminum wire provides a quick and durable solution for holding SOG netting securely in place.

Clamps: These tools are useful for holding the material you will use to secure the SOG net.

With these tools and materials. A cannabis grower will have everything they need to install the SOG net in their crop. SOG net will provide a safe and optimal environment for cannabis plants, giving them the best growing environment possible. Therefore, it is crucial that the grow owner has all the tools and materials on hand to put the SOG net in place.

SOG net trellising cannabis plants
With the right tools and materials, cannabis growers will have everything they need to install the SOG net in their crop.

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